What it does

What it does?

Chewing gum removal is a major headache for local authorities, schools, universities, transport hubs, facility managers, city squares, historic sites etc.
Before Gum-System, the available high pressure washing and steam solutions were expensive, bulky, noisy, disruptive, inefficient and not particularly environmentally friendly.

But now there is a much better, more practical solution for chewing gum removal.

Gum-System transforms unsightly gum into a powder that can be easily brushed away without damaging the underlying surface. All thanks to our unique sugar beet based cleaning solution and the Gum-System lance.

How it works

How it works?

Gum-System contains a small LPG cartridge, a high performance burner heats up the cleaning solution that is contained in a special built-in reservoir. The machine also includes a rechargable lithium battery and a peristaltic pump. The battery powers the pump that injects the cleaning fluid into the vaporizer at a rate of approx. 3 ml per second. The efficiency of the system (the system turns on istantaneoulsy and the ideal quantity of steam is made available very quickly), provides the best performance and excellent working speed.

Safety devices

Should the flame accidentally turn out, specially-designed sensors detect the situation and immediately shut the gas supply out. All functions are operated by highly efficient electronics.


Latest generation electronic circuit board that controls the entire working process and ensures total safety and efficiency.



The lithium battery provides long life and excellent performance. Excellent efficiency and stability.


Special technical devices (thermal insulation, non-return valve on the cleaning solution circuit) protect all sensitive components such as the cleaning solution supply pump against any overheating risk.

Manoeuvrability and ergonomics

The whole unit is easily manouvred on its wheels meaning no strain on the operator’s arm or a requirement to carry anything.

Cleaning solution

The proprietary Gum System cleaning solution is derived from totally natural and sustainable sources and is ph neutral. It instantly turns discarded gum into powder, which leaves no residues.

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